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# Timber
Timber is the main interface for patrons to interact with the library on the internet, including searching and browsing the catalogue.
Timber is a browser-based application. It is consuming data from Services and the search index.
## Technologies used
All modules are specified in package.json.
* [Node.JS](
* Server
* [Express](
* Templating/Browser rendering
* [React](
* [React-router](
* [Redux](
* Testing
* [Mocha](
* React-test-utils
* [Jsdom](
* Build
* Gulp (watch, uglify, generate sourcemaps, browserify)
## Build
See [Makefile](Makefile).
## Troubleshooting
Logs can be viewed via:
* Running `make logs` in the `/vagrant/redef/timber` (when you have ssh'ed into dev-ship)
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