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DEICH-5895: Update covid info in English.

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<p> <p>
Deichman currently offers only Click & Collect services at its libraries. This means that you To protect the health and safety of our visitors and staff we
may only enter the Deichman libraries to pick up or return loans. No other use of the library ask that you:
premises is permitted. Our digital services are still available.
</p> </p>
<List bulleted> <List bulleted>
<List.Item> <List.Item>
Search for and reserve what you want to borrow on {" "} Practice social distancing: Maintain a distance of at least
<Link href="/sok"> two metres to other people in the library.
<a></a> </List.Item>
</Link> <List.Item>Wear a mask.</List.Item>
{"."} <List.Item>Keep your visit brief.</List.Item>
<List.Item>Do not eat while in the library.</List.Item>
<List.Item>Do not move the furniture.</List.Item>
Avoid using elevators if possible (max 2 people allowed in
elevators at any time).
Disinfect your hands before and after touching screens,
keypads, and other surfaces.
<List.Item>Use a card when making payments.</List.Item>
Avoid bringing large pieces of luggage into the library.
<p>Other infection control measures:</p>
<List bulleted>
All our events are online only, including language cafés and
Norwegian classes.
Printing, copying, and scanning services are temporarily
Deichman Bjørvikas makerspace is temporarily closed.
Extended opening hours (meråpent) are not available.
Booking class rooms and meeting rooms is not possible.
You may still book study cells in Deichman Bjørvika for a
maximum of 4 hours. Single person use only.
</List.Item> </List.Item>
<List.Item>Once we notify you by e-mail or SMS you are welcome to pick up your loans at the library.</List.Item>
<List.Item>You are also welcome to return your loans at the library.</List.Item>
<List.Item>You may not spend time on the library premises beyond this.</List.Item>
<List.Item>Practise social distancing: Maintain at least 2 metres distance from other people. We encourage you to wear a face covering.</List.Item>
<List.Item>The libraries opening days remain the same, but opening hours may vary.</List.Item>
</List> </List>
<Link href="/aktuelt/Click%20%26%20Collect_8f7edc36-ac7c-44b6-bbda-9970582c96f1">
<a>Click here to read more</a>
</CMSBlock> </CMSBlock>
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