Commit 6557dcf4 authored by Benjamin Rokseth's avatar Benjamin Rokseth
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Clean up Dockerfile

parent 5d373b3f
...@@ -23,24 +23,11 @@ RUN useradd --groups=sudo,lp,lpadmin --create-home --home-dir=/home/print --shel ...@@ -23,24 +23,11 @@ RUN useradd --groups=sudo,lp,lpadmin --create-home --home-dir=/home/print --shel
COPY --from=builder /app/kohaprinter /usr/lib/cups/backend/ COPY --from=builder /app/kohaprinter /usr/lib/cups/backend/
COPY drivers /drivers COPY drivers /drivers
COPY config/ /etc/cups/ COPY config/ /etc/cups/
RUN chown .lp /etc/cups/ppd/*.ppd
# RUN dpkg -i --force-architecture ql720nwlpr-1.0.1-1.i386.deb
# dpkg -i --force-architecture ql720nwcupswrapper-1.0.1-1.i386.deb
# cp /usr/lib/cups/filter/brlpdwrapper* /usr/lib64/cups/filter
# cp /usr/lib/cups/filter/brlpdwrapper* /usr/lib64/cups/filter
# Extra ppds
#COPY ./ppd/* /usr/share/cups/model/
# Configure the service's to be reachable
# RUN /usr/sbin/cupsd &&\
# while [ ! -f /var/run/cups/ ]; do sleep 1; done &&\
# cupsctl --remote-admin --share-printers &&\
# kill $(cat /var/run/cups/
# Brother label printer (32bit) # Brother label printer (32bit)
RUN dpkg -i --force-all --force-architecture /drivers/ql720nwpdrv-3.1.5-0.i386.deb && apt-get clean &&\ RUN dpkg -i --force-all --force-architecture /drivers/ql720nwpdrv-3.1.5-0.i386.deb && apt-get clean &&\
rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/* rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*
# Epson thermal printers # Epson thermal printers
RUN dpkg -i /drivers/pcs- &&\ RUN dpkg -i /drivers/pcs- &&\
dpkg -i /drivers/tmx-cups-backend- &&\ dpkg -i /drivers/tmx-cups-backend- &&\
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