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Add drivers and tools and update

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......@@ -31,7 +31,9 @@ Adding a new printer
The Cups admin service is exposed on port :631 on localhost, so you can add/remove printers and manage queue there
From cli, to add a printer: ./tools/add-kvitt-printer <printqueue> <ip> <location>
From cli, to add a receipt printer:
./tools/add-kvitt-printer <printqueue> <ip> <location>
The components
# $1 kønavn
# $2 ip
# $3 location
docker exec -t cups bash -c "lpadmin -p $1 -v socket://$2:9100 -L $3 -m /drivers/tm-ba-thermal-rastertotmt.ppd.gz -D Epson -E"
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