Commit e879612a authored by Mattias Lundmark's avatar Mattias Lundmark
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Updated a few texts concerning card number

parent 48ea8f8c
......@@ -87,8 +87,8 @@ class Login extends React.Component {
<h4>Er du ikke registrert?</h4>
<p><Link to="/register" data-automation-id="registration_link" title="register">Registrer deg</Link></p>
<h4><FormattedMessage {...messages.notRegistered} /></h4>
<p><Link to="/register" data-automation-id="registration_link" title="register"><FormattedMessage {...messages.registerAsLoaner} /></Link></p>
<hr />
<h4><FormattedMessage {...messages.forgotPin} /></h4>
<p><FormattedMessage {...messages.forgotPinDesc} /></p>
......@@ -158,6 +158,16 @@ export const messages = defineMessages({
id: 'Login.forgotPinDesc',
description: 'Forgot pin description',
defaultMessage: 'If you have forgotten you PIN you have to come in to one of our libraries to have it reset. We are working on a better solution to this.'
notRegistered: {
id: 'Login.notRegistered',
description: 'Not registered heading',
defaultMessage: 'New user?'
registerAsLoaner: {
id: 'Login.registerAsLoaner',
description: 'Register as new loaner',
defaultMessage: 'Create account.'
......@@ -81,7 +81,9 @@ export default {
'Login.tooManyFailedAttempts': 'Feil brukernavn og/eller passord',
'Login.logIn': 'Logg inn',
'Login.password': 'PIN-kode:',
'Login.username': 'Lånernummer eller epost:',
'Login.username': 'Bibliotekkortnummer eller epost:',
'Login.notRegistered': 'Er du ikke registrert?',
'Login.registerAsLoaner': 'Registrer deg.',
'MyPage.loansAndReservations': 'Lån og reservasjoner',
'MyPage.mustBeLoggedIn': 'Du må være logget inn for å se Min Side.',
'MyPage.personalInformation': 'Personopplysninger',
......@@ -305,7 +307,7 @@ export default {
'UserInfo.address': 'Adresse',
'UserInfo.birthdate': 'Fødselsdato',
'UserInfo.borrowerNumber': 'Lånernummer',
'UserInfo.cardNumber': 'Lånekortnummer',
'UserInfo.cardNumber': 'Bibliotekkortnummer',
'': 'Poststed',
'': 'Land',
'UserInfo.editPersonalInfo': 'Endre personopplysninger',
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