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      Bump Koha build - 17.05 patched. · d6c11821
      Benjamin Rokseth authored
      A whole lot of changes:
      [17196] Move marcxml out of the biblioitems table
      [17855] New onboarding tool feature to guide users through setting up Koha, and minor web installer UI improvements
      [17762] Ability to translate notices
      [14224] patron notes about item shown at check in
      [8548] Add callnumber sort option to overdue report
      [12063] Change date calculation for reserve expiration to skip all holidays
      [14187] branchtransfer needs a primary key (id) for DBIx and common sense.
      [15705] Notify the user on auto renewing
      [16344] Add a circ rule to limit the auto renewals given a specific date
      [16530] Add a circ sidebar navigation menu
      [17398] Enhance circulation message UI
      [17700] Add columns configuration to fines table
      [17812] Return focus to barcode field after toggling on-site checkouts
      [18073] Holds to pull UI improvements
      [18079] Cleanup of holds to pull page
      [18037] Hold notes template cleanup (from 15545)
      [16083] Accept CLI params for the Makefile.pl
      [13029] Allow to pass additional parameters to SMS::Send drivers
      [18314] Account lockout
      [16757] Add ability to pay fee by id for SIP2
      [16895] Allow writeoffs via SIP2
      [17246] GetPreparedLetter should not allow multiple FK defined in arrayref
      [18647] Internal server error on moremember.pl
      [18442] Permission error when logging into staff interface as db user
      [16387] Incorrect loan period calculation when using decreaseLoanHighHolds feature
      [17919] circ/returns.pl caught in Object Name crossfire
      [18150] CanItemBeReserved doesn’t work with (IndependentBranches AND ! canreservefromotherbranches)
      [18179] Koha::Objects->find should not be called in list context
      [18266] Internal Server Error when paying fine for lost item
      [18372] transits are not created at check in despite user responsing Yes to the prompt
      [17940] Holds not going to waiting state after having been transferred
      [17941] CanBookBeRenewed is very inefficient/slow
      [18001] LocalHoldsPriority can cause multiple holds queue lines for same hold request
      [18015] On shelf holds allowed > “If all unavailable” ignores notforloan
      [14637] Add patron category fails with MySQL 5.6.26
      [17758] SIP checkin does not handle holds correctly
      [17933] Internal software error when searching patron without birth date
      [18111] Import default framework is broken
      [18376] authority framework creation fails under Plack
      [12972] Transfer slip and transfer message (blue box) can conflict
      [17309] Renewing and HomeOrHoldingBranch syspref
      [17761] Renewing or returning item via the checkouts table causes lost and damaged statuses to disappear
      [17781] Improper branchcode set during renewal
      [17952] Lost items not skipped by overdue_notices.pl
      [18219] “Not checked out.” problem message displays twice on local use.
      [18321] One more checkouts possible than allowed by rules
      [17749] Missing l in ‘.pl’ in link on waitingreserves.tt
      [17766] Patron notification does not work with multi item holds
      [11274] Sent Notices Tab Not Working Correctly
      [15854] Race condition for sending renewal/check-in notices
      [16568] Talking Tech generates phone notifications for all overdue actions
      [17866] Change sender for claim and order notices
      [17995] HOLDPLACED notice should have access to the reserves table
      [12021] SIP2 checkin should alert on transfer and use CT for return branch
      [17665] SIP2 Item Information Response returns incorrect circulation status of ’08’ ( waiting on hold shelf ) if record has any holds
      [17927] REST API: /holds and /patrons attributes have wrong types
      [18443] Get rid of warning ‘uninitialized value ’ in C4/Auth.pm
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