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......@@ -34,10 +34,6 @@ docker-compose up -d
Usage of minotaur:
-l string
server listeing address (default ":1666")
-mid string
Minio access key
-msec string
Minio secret key
Use ssl with minio
-murl string
......@@ -56,9 +52,9 @@ API : localhost:9001
## Api
POST localhost:9001/api/images Upload Image (form data upload, e.g. curl -F "file=@./somefile.png" )
POST localhost:9001/api/images/{bucket} Upload Image to specified bucket (form data upload, e.g. curl -F "file=@./somefile.png" )
Response: JSON id, and length of uploaded image, and url to stored image in Minio
PUT localhost:9001/api/images/{id} Overwrite Image Object (form data upload, e.g. curl -XPUT -F "file=@./somefile.png" )
GET localhost:9001/api/images/{id} Get Image Object
DELETE localhost:9001/api/images/{id} Delete Image Object
PUT localhost:9001/api/images/{bucket}/{id} Overwrite Image Object (form data upload, e.g. curl -XPUT -F "file=@./somefile.png" )
GET localhost:9001/api/images/{bucket}/{id} Get Image Object
DELETE localhost:9001/api/images/{bucket}/{id} Delete Image Object
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