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Tom Adam requested to merge DEICH-6101-test-coverage-increase into master

The main goal was to increase test coverage of MARC21/NORMARC parsing and conversion code. Also smaller fixes and quite a bit of code reformatting was introduced.

DEICH-6107 renamed+changed return type of controlFieldEntries and renamed dataFieldEntries

No point in returning Set<Entry> of a map.
DEICH-6107 Refactored type of dataField in Marcrecord.

Also some smaller code improvements/formatting.

DEICH-6101: A few tests. Formatting code.

DEICH-6107 Added tests for NORMARC/MARC21 XML parsing

Some additional code cleanup.

DEICH-6107 TestData encode error fix, simplified text XML reading

DEICH-0000 Added .editorconfig

DEICH-6101: More tests of common and NORMARC mappings.

DEICH-6107 TestData+XML update

DEICH-6107 JUnit upgrade

DEICH-6101: More tests for NORMARC and common MARC mappings.

DEICH-6101: Some initial tests for MARC21, NORMARC and common mappings.

DEICH-6107 Reverted MarcField - DataField follows MARC naming.

DEICH-6107 Added pure String XML representations of bibbi and alma marc 21

Also removed null return in readFile - wrapped IOException in RuntimeException - no recovery possible if test XML not present.

DEICH-6107 OkHttp - changed from RC to stable

DEICH-6107 Fetched bibbi and alma Marc21 data

DEICH-6107 Removed throws never thrown.

DEICH-6107 Renamed field from list to marcRecords

DEICH-6107 Renamed DatField to MarcField

DEICH-6107 Renamed MarcRecord

Some code naming style improvements/sonar lint issue.
Using marcRecord as param/var name instead of record, since record is a restricted identifier.
Edited by Magnus Westergaard

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