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DEICH-6134 - Using Autocomplete from frontend-common + FE-common - Bugfixes and build system improvements.

Tom Adam requested to merge DEICH-6314 into master

Note, that package-lock.json is not yet valid. FE-common changes must be code-reviewed released first, and npm -i must be run and then the file can be checked in with its up-do-date content.


  • Added :)
  • Added wide option to AutoComplete
  • Added :)
  • Added npm run test:watch to run the tests in watch mode
  • Added Svelte diagnostics - sanity check for svelte files as part of the build process.
  • Added New property - wide -, which makes Autocomplete take up all available horizontal space
  • Fixed Rollup config is correct now, excludes svelte, and makes building with the latest svelte possible.
  • Fixed Positioning of DropDown list - parent position had to be set top relative + styling improvements.
  • Fixed Removed unneeded JSDoc types+Svelte Diagnostics issues fixed.
  • Fixed Sourcemap support.


Closes DEICH-6314

Edited by Tom Adam

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