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Draft: DEICH-6379 - Library event - service filtering bug

Tom Adam requested to merge DEICH-6379 into master

To be fixed as a general cleanup for filtering in TK.

DEICH-6379 - TK part

Code cleanup and simplified hit handling - no need to filter since Sibyl is smart enough to provide us with correctly filtered dataset. 😍😍

The filter parameters are sent in the query string if limitToLibraryEventServices is set to true.

DEICH-6379 - Sibyl part

Added option to exclude value in search fields for services. In that case the value must be defined using the not.fielf.XYZ convention.

This was needed to get correct result and aggregation for the service filter when creating a library event.

Also updated indexing - added fields and

Closes DEICH-6379

Edited by Tom Adam

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