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DEICH-6429 - Avvikende/Meråpent opprydning

Tom Adam requested to merge DEICH-6429-manned-opening-hours into master

DEICH-6429 - Fixed arrogant date monster

It was just creeping through the deviating hours like hell. Until today. Now this bastard was caught, and eliminated.

Reason for the bug was that EditInterval did not allow for setting the periodStart/periodEnd besides the initial setup. Now there was made a change to set the interval ends in flatpickr as these props are set, and fire the interval change in the flatpickr options hook. It was actually he opposite before, thus causing problems.

DEICH-6429 - Added cleanup logic for meråpent

Now the deviating hours are set correctly.
 - normal opening open flag is set to true;
 - openFrom/To is set to mannedFrom/To
 - manned, mannedFrom/To is deleted.

Closes DEICH-6429.

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