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DEICH-6373 - TK - Some search improvements, bug-fixes

Tom Adam requested to merge DEICH-6373 into master

DEICH-6373 - TK - Some search improvements, as detailed below

Fixed date range select

 Uses luxon date.
 Added filtering of selected date filter (does not show up in available list).

Additional filtering fix

 Previously the available branches and categories were fetched from the result aggregate. This resulted in a narrowed down category and branch selection option after filtering (i.e.: 1 item). This was changed, now all branches and all categories are visible always. Also, filters were updated not to contain already selected items.

Refurbished sorting

 Made ordered sorting of multiple fields possible (index displayed in sorting header). Current sortable fields are date, title and category.

More component reuse

 Both, FilterDropdown and DateRangeFilterDropdown uses EditDropDown.
 Added reusable wrapper, SortOderButton.


 Fixed `;` in webpack.config.js.

DEICH-6373 - Added support to object typed ids (so that the component can be reused for date filtering in LibraryEventSearch)

DEICH-6373 - Sibyl - fixed consistent sort order when multiple sort fields are defined.

Previously a map was used, to store SortParameters, however, maps do not guarantee the retrieval order. This has cosed inconsistent behaviour as TK introduced multiple sort field option.

DEICH-6373 - Validation framework addition - skipValidation

If set to true, the given input component is not taking part in the validation framework. All validation setup elated error messages are suspended.

In addition improved EditDropDown re-usability so as that it can be used in LibraryEventSearch.
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